Blind Date Etiquette

Blind dates tend to be awkward and nerve-wracking. Take the pressure off with Modern Manners Guy's 3 easy tips.

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When setting up a blind date, it’s best to work out the logistics together through email or over the phone: What are you interested in? What time works best for you? Do you have a place you’ve wanted to try? Do you have any food allergies?  

Don't make this into a survey, but feel the person out casually without being too pushy or non-commital. "I heard of this great Italian place that just opened up. I can see if they have a table on Friday around 7pm. Does that work for you?" Here you opened with a concrete suggestion, rather than a mandate.  When you ask questions, it's very easy to discover their likes and dislikes without having to do too much legwork.  

Tip #3: Bring a Gift

Bringing a gift does not mean showing off your bank account by arriving with a gold pendant engraved with your date's name. That would be creepy.

In this gift giving scenario you want to go with simple and classy. And this goes for men and women both. So what is a perfect way to say, “I’m excited about the date, but I'm not a crazy stalker”?

Two things: flowers and food. 

Guys, there is nothing easier than getting flowers.  Seriously.  Just don’t show up with something that Miss America holds during her acceptance speech. Go with a simple bouquet that is easy to hold and doesn't crowd the table. Light wildflowers, tulips, and seasonal blends are always great. I recommend saving roses for subsequent dates when the romance is more established or expected.

For the ladies, food will win over anyone, especially dessert. After you meet at the restaurant and place your order, excuse yourself to the bathroom. On this trip, pull the waiter aside and tell them you want to pre-order dessert and pay for it on a separate check. Give him the credit card right away so they can charge it. This will be your treat.

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I recommend doing research ahead of time to see which dessert the restaurant is most known for. When it's time for dessert, your date will be surprised and thrilled at this simple, yet thoughtful gesture.

In life and in love, it’s the little things that count.

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