Children at Weddings

Tips for the bride and groom.

Richie Frieman
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Q: We have many friends who have children. We think the children are adorable, but would rather they not come to our destination wedding for a variety of reasons. Is it OK to leave them off our guest list?

A: As far as friends with children go, you should be clear about your preferences in the invitation.

For large events like weddings, it is the bride and groom’s prerogative to decide whether or not they want children to attend.  It is also fine to invite children to the ceremony but not the reception (or vice versa), but again make certain that this is clear in advance. You may make it clear by stating something like, "children 12 and over are welcome to attend." 

You may want to provide some information about reputable childcare in the vicinity, and of course the best option (if your budget allows) could be to provide childcare at or near the event, so parents can enjoy the wedding without worry. There is nothing wrong with having an adults-only gathering, as long as you make it clear to your guests in advance and give them ample time to find a babysitter. 

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