How to Properly Handle a Break Up

Is there a proper way to handle being dumped?

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #132

The answer: once you find out the relationship is over, the proper thing to do is kindly say goodbye and be on your way. Impossible? Why do this? One, do you really want to have to convince them not to dump you? No! They have already made up their mind. And two, leaving and not sitting around to hear them stumble over a probably well-rehearsed explanation will be such a hit to their ego; it would make a UFC fighter drop to his knees. Walk away and don’t look back. Then once you get home, hit the cheesecake.

The Proper Way to Handle A Breakup Tip #2: Don’t Sit Around And Wait 

This is a very tough rule to follow but I promise you if you don’t sit around and wait, assuming they are coming back, you will be better for it. I don’t want to say that people can’t break up and get back together--I did! But at the time, you have to be in the mind frame that this part of your life is just another closed chapter in your long storied romantic history.

I say this because you can’t always assume time will make someone change. And it’s poor manners to even try to change someone just for your own gain. Change has to be mutual. Don’t sit around hoping they’ll show back on your doorstep with flowers and tearful apology. Leave that for Kate Hudson movies.

The best way to cope: remember how badass you were before you met them--and keep that in mind when your friends take you out to find the next lucky person who gets to call you their loved one.