How to Properly Handle a Break Up

Is there a proper way to handle being dumped?

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #132

The Proper Way to Handle A Breakup #3: Come Back So Incredibly Hot It Makes Them Nuts!

Similar to the tip in #2, the best medicine to being dumped is to bounce back with an even better you. I don’t care if you are already a swimsuit model, a multimillionaire athlete, or the owner of vineyards in Napa Valley, everyone can make themselves a better person when faced with something tragic in their lives. Sometimes a life-changing event is a slap on the back of the head that says, “Show them what's up!” That is the telltale sign of a mature adult, which you are.

Plus, even though it may look like you’re being spiteful and showing – somewhat -poor manners, flaunting Version 2.0 of the new you, in front of Version 1.0 of the old love, is the best way to make them wish they were never foolish enough to leave you in the first place. And there is nothing rude about that.

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