Proper Wedding Attire

Before you head out to a wedding, make sure you won’t steal focus from the bride.  Follow these 3 easy tips for the perfect, functional look.

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Tip #2 – Don’t Try to Steal the Show

Two words: “Royal Wedding.”  There were so many beautiful things about that day, from the happy couple, to the crowds gathered outside to catch a glimpse of their first kiss. However, we also remember the hats. Nothing is wrong with a hat at a wedding, especially in England, but one royal family member who shall remain unnamed (ahem, Princess Beatrice) wore a contraption so atrocious, it looked she lost a bet. Here was an example – and I’m convinced of this – of a guest trying to outshine the couple. Never try to be the main event of the night. Leave that up to the newlyweds.

For your own wedding, go ahead and rock whatever you like. You can wear one of Lady Gaga’s meat dresses for all I care. But when it’s someone else’s special day, leave the freak show outfits in the closet. And like that lovely royal wedding guest who tried to show off a headpiece that looked like something an ancient gladiator would wear into battle, she knew very well that people were going to talk about her. Which they did. She may have thought it would be positive but it ended up being a bad distraction.  For the life of me, I have no idea how she could have looked in the mirror and thought: “Yes! That’s perfect!” Well, at least something good came out of that fiasco, although I can’t imagine who would have spent $120,000 on that monstrosity. At least the money went to UNICEF.

Tip #3 – Remember, You’ll Have to Move

I will admit something that many men may be afraid to say: Yes, I’ve worn something that was very uncomfortable just because I thought it looked good.  Granted, I realized very fast that it was a bad idea (even though for that one picture, it was totally money!).  I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this, either. We have all tried to wiggle into an outfit that wasn’t working. Weddings seem to be the prime example of improper attire when it comes to functionality.

When you’re going to a wedding, wear something you can dance in, eat in, stand in, and of course, don’t feel like you are going to burst out of. Guy or girl, wear shoes that are nice and comfortable. Don’t wear the best pair you can find that feel like a vice on your foot. Also, it’s key to make sure your outfit is tailored before the event. Along with always having it dry cleaned, have it measured to work with your body ahead of time, unless you just bought it that week. The best way to secure a comfortable evening is to have the best fit possible. With a night that could last over 5 hours, the last thing you want is to struggle and wish the night will just end so you can escape your misery. 

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