Should You Set New Year’s Resolutions with Your Partner?

In this week's episode of Relationship Doctor, Dr. Rachel Vanderbilt is joined by Dr. Nanika Coor of Project Parenthood and Dr. Monica Johnson of Savvy Psychologist for a panel episode on New Year's Resolutions.

Rachel Vanderbilt, PhD
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Episode #44

This week, Relationship Doctor has something special to share. Instead of a regular episode, we're celebrating the new year with a panel of QDT expert hosts on the subject of New Year's Resolutions.

You'll hear from: 

In their discussion, you'll learn why some people believe New Year's Resolutions are outdated and how you can overcome the urge to set toxic goals. You'll hear what to do if your goals and your partner's goals are sending you in different directions, and how to manage collaborative goal-setting without depending on someone else to make a change. 

If you’re striving to improve your relationship and find more balance with your partner in the new year, you're going to love this panel. Click the red audio player above to listen. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow the other featured hosts on their respective podcasts wherever you like to listen. 

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Rachel Vanderbilt, PhD

Dr. Rachel Vanderbilt is the host of the Relationship Doctor podcast. She is a relationship scientist whose research examines how we communicate in our romantic relationships. Specifically, she studies how we communicate in our romantic relationships as we age and our relationships mature, particularly during conflicts that are difficult to resolve. She believes that we can all benefit from evidence-based recommendations about how to have healthy and happy relationships.

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