See Who's Celebrating National Grammar Day

Grammar Cop

Cheryl Norman revisits the comma. 

Write Now

Writer Karen Lange talks about overstatement in this National Grammar Day blog post. 

Indies Unlimited 

Lynne Cantwell writes about the use of adverbs. Should we use them sparingly? Find out. 

Bug and the Sweet Banana

In her 2015 National Grammar Day post, blogger Jennifer Linney writes about parenthood and gerunds. 

The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar

SPOGG is for people appalled by bad grammar in public spaces. The blog calls out goofs by celebrities, politicians, marketers, and more. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar is the founder of National Grammar Day.

About Grammar and Composition

Richard Nordquist is your guide to all things grammatical on About.com. He's a professor and the author of several guides for writers.

Apostrophe Catastrophe

In 2007, Charmaine joined thousands of Texas Instruments employees in trying to convince the rest of the world that the company does more than make calculators, working as an editor in Communication Services. She went rogue in 2009.


What happens when English becomes the language of the global business world? The polyglot Casey Butterfield, an editor, writes about the various things that can get lost in translation.

Bill Walsh: Blogslot

Bill Walsh is a copy editor at the Washington Post. He's also the author ofLapsing into a Comma and The Elephants of Style, two books every word-lover must own. His main site is called The Slot.

Carol Zuegner

Carol is an associate professor of journalism at Creighton University, who is excited about the future of journalism, whatever form it might take.

Common Errors on English Usage

Paul Brians covers all the annoying little words you've been confused about, and he doesn't like to be called "Brian."

Common Sense Journalism

Journalism instructor Doug Fisher has a wonderful blog for journalists and people interested in the media; he also offers up nuggets about style that serious writers will enjoy.

Conjugate Visits

June Casagrande, author of Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies, blogs about "You know, like, grammar and stuff."


For communications officers of major corporations, editors of trade newsletters, freelancers for journal publishers, newspaper copy chiefs, managing editors at book publishers, writers for major magazines, and more.


Mike Clark shares his language thoughts, advice, and entreaties.

Editor Mark's Blog

On his active blog, Mark Allen shares his thoughts on journalism and copy editing, including grammar, usage and style.

The Editor's Desk

Andy Bechtel teaches writing and journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. He's especially interested in the meaning of words, and how they can be most ethically used in news reporting.

English, Jack

Bret Reynolds's second thoughts on English and how she's taught.


Nancy Friedman blogs about Names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language. "Fritinancy" is a delightful play on three things: her name, a word that means to chirp or creak, and the suggestion of frittering. Leave it to someone with "name developer" in her description to come up with something cool.

Gabrielle Edits

Gabrielle is a freelance editor, and her blog is full of useful information, advice and resources for writers, editors and freelancers.


Jane Strauss's easily searchable site is filled with useful tutorials and quizzes.

KOK Edit

KOK Edit's Katharine O'Moore-Klopf, ELS, has been working hard to make the world safe for readers since 1984. She spends much of her time helping non-native speakers of English from all over the world tidy up their grammar and syntax so that their articles can be published in U.S. medical journals and textbooks.

Literal Minded

Linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally

Loving Family, Loving Language

Here's proof that good grammar is a family-friendly pursuit.

Grammar Monkeys

The copy desk at the Wichita Eagle wants to prevent you from slipping on the various banana peels of language.


Aspiring journalists can get news and tips for better writing and editing at this site, managed by journalism professor and author James Glen Stovall.

Michael's English Usage

Michael's stated purpose is to draw attention to the absolutely terrible misuse of the English language in general, and specifically, by the writers and news readers of his local media outlets.

Mighty Red Pen

This blog, developed by a professional writer and editor, is a treasure trove of amusing errors.

My Point Exactly

Lisa Pampuch, a journalist in Santa Clara County, writes about current events, language, and other interesting things on her blog.

Mrs. Write, Word Therapist

A professional writer and editor keeps this blog, where she expresses her love of grammar, punctuation, and correct word use.

National Association of Independent Writers and Editors

National Grammar Day is smack in the middle of Words Matter Week, which features teleseminars, book giveaways, and discussions about the way words affect us.

National Punctuation Day

Our sister language-themed day is always up for a celebration.

Newsroom 101

Learn how journalists write at Newsroom 101, which has more than 1,650 free exercises in Associated Press Style, which governs most newspapers.

Oh, My Word

Sara Rafferty connects with readers, writers, illustrators, teachers, learners, and particularly attractive celebrities.

The Sentence Sleuth

Bonnie Trenga, a frequent Grammar Girl guest-writer, hunts down hairy sentences on her own blog.

Talk Wordy to Me

Brian White says, "Reading. Writing. Editing. It's all about the words. "

A Walk in the Words

Laura Payne maintains this active linguistic tour for people who love having fun with words and language.

A Way with Words

This public radio show, featuring Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, is a treat for people who love language--and have a grammar pet peeve or two.

Word Geeks

A blog about language and writing


Founded by Erin McKean, Wordnik's goal is "to show you as much information as possible, as fast as we can find it, for every word in English, and to give you a place where you can make your own opinions about words known."

Words at Work

Pam Robinson examines language issues with language and the media.

Writing Forward

Writing Forward is a fun, supportive blog where writers can gather to get creative writing tips and ideas. Featured topics include fiction and poetry writing, grammar, and literary news. The site also features writing exercises and prompts to provide writers with new challenges and inspiration.

You Don't Say

John McIntyre, whom James Wolcott calls "the Dave Brubeck of the art and craft of copy editing," writes on language, editing, journalism, and other manifestations of human frailty.


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