Buying a Warranty

A quick tip if you’ve decided to go ahead and buy that warranty.

Stever Robbins
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by Stever Robbins

In a recent article, I discussed surviving warranty logistics. Here’s a quick tip if you’ve decided to go ahead and buy that warranty.

Some warranties require you to keep original packaging, UPC codes, and deliver the product to an authorized service center at your own expense. Even though you're buying your new 619" plasma screen TV from an authorized dealer, they may not be an authorized service center.

Decide ahead of time if that’s even possible for you – if it’s not, a warranty might not be worth it. If you need to provide your original receipt to prove you own the product, now's the time to save it in your warranty file. If you have an automatic warranty that comes from purchasing on a certain credit card, make sure to save the information needed to activate that warranty, too. See the Get-it-Done Guy episode on How to File Receipts for optimal receipt tracking.

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