How to Compare Computer Processors (CPUs)

Tech Talker explains what to look for when buying a processor or CPU for your computer.

Eric Escobar,
July 18, 2013
Episode #084

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5 Tips for Comparing CPUs

  1. Intel and AMD are the two main manufacturers on the market. AMD is generally less expensive and found in many budget computers, whereas Intel is generally more expensive and found in high end computers.
  2. If you are using your computer to do simple tasts like text editing and web browsing, go for the cheaper processor. However, if you want it to perform more complex functions like video editing and gaming, go for the pricier multicore CPU.
  3. Clock speed is measured in gigahertz and describes how many calculations per second are carried out by a given processor.
  4. Cores refer to how many individual processors are located on the chip itself. Most processors on the market today are multicore processors.
  5. If you’re looking to buy or build a computer, I highly recommend putting as much money in your budget as possible towards your processor. It is the hardest item to replace in a computer, while other components such as memory and hard drives are easy to replace down the road.

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