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Tech Talker has 5 tips on how to use the new iTunes to improve your digital life

Eric Escobar
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Episode #6


I’ve had many listeners write in with questions about Apple’s new iTunes and iOS 5 release. So today I’ve got 5 Quick and Dirty Tips to improving your Apple iDevice experience with iTunes.>

But first, let me start off by saying: Update your iTunes! The newest version has a ton of new features and critical bug fixes that will make your life a lot easier. My favorite is the return of the “Get All” button for podcasts. It’s an easy way to download all your favorite podcasts with a single click. I’ll explain all about it later, but now, here are my 5 Quick and Dirty Tips on the coolest features in iTunes:

Tip #1: Genius

Do you ever get into one of those moods when you just need to hear a little country twang…only to realize that you would have to make a whole new playlist from scratch, which would mean searching your entire iTunes library for the perfect songs and adding them one by one?  And suddenly, a little country craving becomes a huge, time-consuming task! Too bad there isn’t some way for the computer to know what you want to listen to and just create the playlist for you…oh wait, there is! Simply select a single song, and a new feature called Genius will then create a playlist for you based upon what other songs would go well with it from your library. It may take a little tweaking, but from my personal experience it does a pretty good job creating my custom Taylor Swift playlist!

Tip #2: Podcasts

Recently iTunes has made it even easier to get all of your podcasts quickly and easily. The other day, I was having a problem trying to download a bunch of podcasts from one of my Quick and Dirty Tips colleagues. I had to click and download each episode individually. What a pain! But then I updated my iTunes and discovered that my favorite button has returned – the “Get All” button is back! It’s a huge time saver because it lets you download all of the podcasts that are available for a given show with one simple click! I love doing this before a long road trip because while iTunes downloads my favorite podcasts, I have plenty of time to pack. Get-It-Done Guy would be proud of the multi-tasking. So don’t delay and update your iTunes asap.


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