Eliminate Distractions On Your Computer

Compartmentalize your desktop to a single task per screen.

Stever Robbins
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Quick Tip: Eliminate Distractions On Your Computer

Your computer can be a huge distraction. Eliminate your computer distractions! Don't open all your applications at once; only open the application you're working on, and complete a task before you open any unrelated program. This includes browser tabs! Close all browser tabs unrelated to the task at hand. You can also use a "virtual desktop" program like VirtuaWin or Mac OS X's built-in "Spaces" (choose System Preferences | Expose & Spaces) to create virtual screens. On each screen, have only the windows related to a single task.

(Stop! Look at your screen right now. How many distractions are visible? How many different applications, documents, and projects are fighting for your attention?)

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To set up your own virtual desktop head to http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net.

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