5 Gadgets to Take Back to School

Here are five awesome gadgets to help you go back to school.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #232

Even if you're not a student, these gadgets will help you gear up for Fall by getting organized and motivated.

Doxie Scanner

I find that the easiest way to stay organized is to cut down on paper. The more paper I have, the more opportunities I have to lose it and the easier it is to get disorganized. That’s why I really like the Doxie scanner. This little scanner is portable and can be plugged right into your laptop. You can scan papers on the fly and organize them digitally.

It’s really nice to have this scanner because you can scan paper immediately and then recycle it. It prevents your “to scan” pile from growing out of control too quickly, and keep on top of things. Once your paper is digitalized, it’s easy to organize, categorize, and back-up.

If you’re a student, this is a great way to handle notes. It makes them easy to share and then also lets you share them much more easily. If you’re not a student, the scanner still has many uses. I’ve really liked using this scanner and, when I was in school, it really helped to keep me organized.


I’ve recently become a huge fan of the Kindle, specifically the Paperwhite. This device is small, holds battery for an incredible amount of time, and can store way more books than can fit in a backpack. I really wish that they had a kindle like this when I was in college. It would have made squeezing extra study time in much more easily to have all of my textbooks all of the time.

Kindles are convenient; I’ve found that having one with me allows me to do some quick reading when I have some down time say at the doctor’s office, or if I’m waiting for the bus or train.


Nothing is worse than losing something you care about, whether that’s your phone, backpack, or bike. If you hadn’t guessed, these are things I almost always lost when I was in college. That’s where the tile comes in. Tile is a small Bluetooth tag that you can attach to anything you own. When you lose it, you simply open up the app on your phone and hit locate. If the device is in Bluetooth range to your Tile, it will start beeping so you can locate it.

You can even double tap the Tile and it will make your phone chime even when it's set to vibrate. I have a pack of four tiles and they are amazing. I have one in my backpack, one on the fridge (for when I lose my phone), and one on my keys. I can’t tell you the hours I’ve saved hunting for things with the help of Tile.


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