5 Gadgets to Take Back to School

Here are five awesome gadgets to help you go back to school.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #232

The other really cool thing is that if you have the Tile app and someone else marks a device as missing, every device with the Tile app running will passively listen for the Tile. If someone else’s Tile is in range of your phone and is marked missing your phone will anonymously report the Tile’s location. This is incredible because it means you could be hundreds of miles away from a lost Tile and someone else’s phone locates it for you.

Thumb Drive

I think there’s something to be said for every college student having a rock solid thumb drive that is safe and reliable. Many people feel like thumb drives are obsolete with programs such as DropBox and Google Drive. While I love both of these services and have done a full podcast on them, I feel there are still plenty of uses for thumb drives, such as transferring large files or for when you don’t have an internet connection.

I like this thumb drive in particular because it has a ton of great reviews, transfers files quickly, and has a ton of capacity for all of your files, and is super small.

Pro Tip: Format your thumb drive as exFAT when you get it. This will allow it to be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Back-Up Power

This may seem like I’m cheating, but I can think of almost nothing better for a student than backup power for their devices. This goes especially for college students. I did a podcast on this just a few weeks ago, which delves deep into the different types you can get.

I know this may not sound like the coolest or sleekest piece of tech but just think how great it will be when you’re on campus and can’t find an outlet, or when a friend’s phone just died. You’ll be the hero! Keeping it simple I recommend this anker battery pack. It’s small and holds a ton of power.

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