How to Be a White Hat Hacker

I’m going to give you a brief syllabus on how to become a white hat hacker. I’ll cover the skills you need, where to learn them, and best of all how to start your career.

Eric Escobar,
April 28, 2016
Episode #218

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Build a website

The last thing to do is to take those skills and build a small website. It can be a plain website with just some text on it. The more complex the website is though the more you can learn. What’s even cooler is that if you have a Raspberry Pi like I mentioned before, then you can build a website on the Raspberry Pi.

Here’s an easy way to do it.

Where Can You Go to Learn?

So you’re probably thinking “Geez Tech Talker that sounds like an awful lot of stuff to learn!” To some degree it is, after all there are many people that make their living just programming, building websites, or administering Linux operating systems. The idea is to familiarize yourself enough with them.

Once you think you’ve got the chops necessary, head on over to my podcast about virtual machines. It will give you all the information you need for the next step. Basically a virtual machine is a way to run a computer on your computer. As the name indicates, it’s just a virtual computer. That means you can mess it up, break it, hack it, and you can just delete it and start again without affecting your normal computer at all.

Next you’ll head on over to vulnhub.com. This website has a ton of free virtual machines that you can run on your computer. These virtual machines were designed with vulnerabilities in them and are designed to be hacked. You can think of them as practice locks to try and pick.

If you need some help finding ways to break into them, there’s another website OWASP, which has a list of the top ten types of vulnerabilities. This is a great place to read up on types of vulnerabilities. If you get really stuck most of the vulnhub.com challenges will have a walkthrough that can show you the steps and tools necessary to break into the computer.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The next step is to take a stab at the real world by checking about BugCrowd.com and HackerOne.com. Both of these websites host “bug bounty programs.” They partner with other companies and hackers, if a hacker finds a bug or vulnerability in one of their partner’s websites or programs then the hacker will often receive a bounty. The bounty can range anywhere from $50 to $100,000 based on the severity of the problem found.

These websites are free to join and are a great and completely legal way to hack giant tech companies, sharpen your skills, and get paid doing it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to say that as a part time job you’re hacking Facebook, Google and Microsoft?

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