How to Help Fix Technology Remotely

Does your family have a tough time with technology? Here are some ways you can help them out even when you're not around.
Eric Escobar
Episode #213

Computers with Join.Me

TeamViewer may not work in every instance, mostly because it requires that the software be setup and installed. This can be a bummer, and if not done ahead of time, can take a lot of explanation.

If you have a friend or family member who needs help once in a blue moon, I opt to use another free service called Join.Me. It’s typically used for remote presentations but it works really well as remote control software. This is a simple program that just takes a couple of clicks to install and start. The user can delete the program as soon as they are done.

The program when opened will give your friend or family member a nine-digit code. They just have to give you that code, in order for you to remote into their computer. What’s even cooler is that you don’t need anything on your computer, you use JoinMe in a web browser. This makes it great if you only help people very rarely and don’t want to install any extra software on your computer.

Here's a great video about how to use Join.Me.

Networking Problems

If you’re perceptive, you may be thinking, alright Tech Talker, that’s great and all if they have an Internet connection. What if their Internet goes out at home and I can’t fix the problem for them because TeamViewer and Join.Me require a connection to work?

Well you are right! Luckily, next week I’ll help you troubleshoot these problems when remote software won’t work.

Do you have any horror stories of trying to help someone with their computer or phone remotely? Do you have any programs that you like to use to remotely help out friends and family when you can’t be there? If so I’d love to hear about it, give me a shout out on my Facebook page!

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Until next time, I’m the Tech Talker, keeping technology simple!


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