How to Pick a Phone Case

How can you decide which phone case to purchase?

Eric Escobar
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Phone cases do a couple of things. They mainly protect the surface of your phone. A generic case will protect from scratches and the occasional short fall, and may even provide some style to your life. When I buy a phone case, I’m looking for something a bit sturdier than most generic cases because I am prone to dropping my phone every now and then. Thus, I want to make sure that my phone can easily survive a tumble.

Avoid Junk

First and foremost, if you’re after something cheap, say in the $1 range, there are a ton of cases you can buy on eBay. While the price is right, these cases will not provide near the protection that most people would like from their phone case. In my opinion, any case is better than no case, but junk hard plastic cases will only offer minimal protection.

The hard plastic cases may look great but I’ve found them to often be brittle and prone to breaking after a single fall.

Screen Protector

Along with a sturdy phone case, I also look into getting screen protectors. Screen protectors do exactly what the name implies (they protect your screen). These are generally plastic or glass cut outs that fit perfectly on your screen to prevent any scratches from actually getting to your screen. I love it because my screen protector can get really scratched up and I can replace it and it will be like a brand new screen!

Now screen protectors come in two different flavors as I mentioned before: plastic and glass. The plastic protectors are generally flexible and provide protection from scratches. The glass protectors are a thin sheet of really strong glass that not only provide protection from scratches, but also provide a little bit of strength to your phone screen.

I’ve found on a number of occasions that the glass screen protector had a small fracture line in it after a fall. This is great because it means that it absorbed force that would normally have gone to my phone screen and potentially cracked it.

These screen protectors are pretty inexpensive and in my opinion well worth the price. Here’s an example of one of the glass screen protectors that I mentioned.


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