Inside Tech Talker's Backpack: Hardware Roundup

Have you ever wondered what gear the Tech Talker uses on a day-to-day basis? In the first of a two-part series, Tech Talker gives you a peek at the gadgets he carries inside his techie toolkit. 

Eric Escobar
5-minute read
Episode #120

Tech ToolsAs a techie who often helps friends and family, both from home and on-the-go, I carry a ton of gear and programs around with me to solve whatever problems might come my way. And since quite a few Tech Talker listeners have written in to ask me about which tools and gadgets I use in my daily routine, this week I'll give you a tour of my techie toolkit, from the largest pocket to the smallest, as well as a glimpse at how I work. In this episode, I’ll cover the gear and hardware—and next week, I’ll cover the software.  


The Carryall

First up on my list of gear is my backpack. Because I have to lug a decent amount of hardware and gadgets around, I needed a true carryall. So, I use a standard black North Face backpack with plenty of pockets. Like Get-It-Done Guy, I think that buying gear with pockets is one of the most important keys to staying organized. But in addition to having pockets, the backpack is great because it’s pretty light by itself and extremely durable.

The Laptop

Now that we’ve covered the carryall itself, let’s take a peek inside. In the largest pocket of my backpack, I carry my laptop. It’s a 15.4” HP laptop enclosed in its own slim sleeve. I make sure to use a sleeve because this protects the laptop and allows me to throw other stuff in the same pocket that might scratch it or gum up the insides. My laptop is specifically an HP Envy i7, that is super light but packs a ton of power. It's light enough that I can carry it around in my bag, but powerful enough to allow me to do the things I need to on the go. It also has a battery life of about 6 hours!

Travel Case for Electronics

The second pocket contains my Amazon basics case. This case is about the size and thickness of a hardbound book, and inside there are a bunch of compartments to keep small items, in this instance, my electronics, separated, and organized. What are they?

USB Adapters, Card Readers, and Headphones

In the Amazon basics case, I carry a variety of USB adapters that convert to and from all of the various USB forms out there, such as micro, mini, Apple, standard, and so on. These are convenient for hooking up pretty much any device to a computer or to a USB charger. Furthermore, they are nice and small (only a few inches long). This way they can’t get tangled!

Up next is my SD card to USB reader. Often, my wife carries her camera with her and wants to offload pictures from her memory card if it gets too full or if she wants to share them. Having the SD card to USB reader in my toolkit allows me to transfer her pictures to any laptop while traveling.

I also pack a set of headphones, a micro SD to standard SD memory card adapter, a spare SD card (once again for my wife), and a spare wall plug for my iPhone which can also be used to charge any USB device.


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