Top 5 Awesome Camping Gadgets

The summer camping season is upon us. Since Tech Talker is the ultimate outdoorsman, he's got a round-up of the 5 hottest gadgets to make your next camping trip safe, fun, easy, and totally high-tech.

Eric Escobar
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Gadget #4: SteriPEN

Next up in the list is a water purifier called the SteriPEN. This device uses UV light produced by its bulb to kill microorganisms living in the water you just pulled out of a lake or stream.

It only takes a two minutes to purify a liter of water! This means you don’t have to carry around any pumps or extra water with you. The SteriPEN kills bacteria and viruses that would normally make you sick. You can purify 500L of water on just 4AA batteries, which should be enough for even the longest backpacking trip!

SteriPENs range in price from $50 to $120.

Gadget #5: Lumix Camera

Last but certainly not least is one of my favorite outdoor cameras, the Panasonic Lumix. This camera is small and compact with a 16MP sensor. It can shoot full 1080p video, and is waterproof, freeze-proof, and drop-proof.

Now at this point it may sound just like any other camera, or even like your smartphone. But where the Lumix is different is in the data that it collects about each picture. It has a built-in compass, GPS, altimeter, barometer, and depth sensor. This allows you to see where your picture was taken, which direction, and the conditions you were in at the time.

Rock climbers use the Lumix to see how many feet a day they’ve ascended and hikers like yours truly can easily keep track of their excursions by seeing where they trekked from the GPS data built-into the camera. It’s a fantastic device with a huge feature set for people who love to explore the outdoors.

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