Top 5 Reasons to Choose iPhone Over Android

Tech Talker lists the top 5 reasons to buy an iPhone over and Android device. Next week, he plays devil’s advocate and outlines the top 5 reasons for choosing an Android over an iPhone.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #124

Starting this week, I will be doing a series of episodes on choosing between different types of smartphones.

Today, I will be weighing the pros and cons and playing devil’s advocate between the two most popular smartphone operating systems on the market: iOS (Apple's iPhone) and Android.

In this episode, I’ll go over the top 5 reasons to choose an iPhone over Android. And next week, I’ll turn the tables and give you 5 reasons to choose an Android phone over an iPhone.


Before I start, I want to make one thing very clear:

I’m not partial to any one operating system or phone. I think each system has its pros and cons and certain features that work better for some users. Basically, I’m just giving you the scoop on both types of smartphones so that you can make a decision about what's best for you (I'm also trying to avoid hate mail).

So here are the top 5 reasons why an iPhone is better than an Android phone:

Reason #1: One iOS

I think the biggest advantage of the iPhone is that there is only one maker of the iPhone. For those of you who have iPhones, this sounds like a no brainer. Of course Apple is the only maker of the iPhone! But in the world of Android, there are multiple versions of Android and just as many types of Android phones from makers such as Samsung, HTC, and Motorola.

Having only one producer of the iPhone is an advantage because the core functionality of each version of the iPhone is the same as the next. You don’t have to worry about different manufacturers, or comparing different models from competing manufacturers.

This also includes updates. With Android phones, sometimes certain carriers or certain models will not be able to install the latest version of the Android operating system on a phone. this can become problematic. On the other hand, with the iPhone, as soon as an update comes out, it will be compatible with every model made within the past few years. With an Android phone, it's possible to walk out of the store with it in the morning and try to install an update that afternooon with no luck.

Reason #2: Secured Operating System

As a general rule, Apple devices have a much more locked down development environment. This means that app developers are more limited in what their apps can do. And users are limited to how they can use their phones. This is great from the standpoint that the operating system is pretty well safeguarded from malware and viruses.

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This keeps iPhones and the general Apple environment pretty clear of most viruses that hit other operating systems more often.

Reason #3: Over 1,000,000 Apps

The Apple app store has more apps available for download than any other vendor. However, for most of us, the selling point of Apple's app store isn't in the number of apps, but rather the quality of the apps available. In general, app developers will usually try and develop products for iOS rather than for Android. This means many popular apps may come out first for iOS before they're available for Android devices.

As time goes on, this is less and less of an issue, but even to this day some of my favorite apps are still missing from the Android marketplace.

Reason #4: The Apple Ecosystem

Apple devices work exceedingly well together, especially if you have a Macbook, Apple TV, and an AirPort Express.

One of the main reasons for getting an iPhone would be if you owned other Apple devices. Apple devices work exceedingly well together, especially if you have a Macbook, Apple TV, and an AirPort Express. These devices are all built together to work with each other, so it’s simple to send video from your iPhone to your Apple TV or music to your AirPort Express.

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The downside is that this can get pretty expensive. But again, if you already have one or more iDevice, an iPhone would work well together with them.


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