How to Turn Your MP3s into Audiobooks

Get-It-Done Guy has an easy trick to transform your favorite audio programs into audiobooks, and get a lot more from your MP3 files.

Stever Robbins
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How to Turn Your MP3s into Audiobooks

I often download MP3s of lectures, teleclasses, podcasts, and so on. These range in topics from personal productivity, to marketing, to psychology, to business, to education. If you like learning, two sites to check out are TED talks and the Long Now foundation.

I can often listen faster than the narrator talks, though. Furthermore, I like to be able to back up 30 seconds to listen again to an important point. iPods and iPhones do provide a way to listen at double speed and back up 30 seconds, but only for audiobooks.

Get the most out of your other audio programs by turning them into audiobooks. Import them into iTunes as you normally would. Then find the entry for the program in your iTunes library. It will probably be listed under Music or Podcasts. Right click the episode and choose Get Info. Then click the Options tab and set the Media Kind to Audiobook.

Now the audio program in question will show up in the Books section of your iTunes library. You will also be able to select it individually in the Books tab of your iPhone or iPod when it is connected to your computer, so it won't always get loaded with the rest of your music. That's a good thing, since once you've listened to a lecture, there's no point in keeping it on your device at all times.

Once sync'd to your device, you will be able to play back the episode at double speed, and back up by 30 seconds at a time by clicking on the icons that appear underneath the play/pause button on your iPhone or iPod.

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