How to Stop Rushing Around

Stever Robbins
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Quick Tip: Stop Rushing Around

I love a busy, action-packed day. Too much busy-ness can suddenly turn from exciting and fun into frantic. When I have a day of hourly meetings scheduled back-to-back, I feel really important. Until I'm ten minutes late for the first meeting. Then suddenly, every meeting is late and the day becomes about running fast and using lots of antiperspirant, rather than achievement and feeling On Top of the World.

Coach Michael Neill pointed out to me a simple solution: always, always, always schedule 15 minutes to half an hour between meetings. Don't tell anyone; just arrange your schedule to give yourself the slack. Then use the time to consolidate your notes, return phone calls, or extra buffer time for when a meeting runs late. You'll have a lot more relaxation in your life and your busy days will go much more smoothly.


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