Should You Use Mobile Payment Apps?

For the days you forget your wallet at home, mobile payment apps can make your life a lot easier. But is your information as safe as it is on a credit card?

Eric Escobar
Episode #208

First of all when you make a transaction, you’re never actually transmitting your credit card number wirelessly. Every purchase you make actually uses a different number every single time with what’s called a token. This means that even if someone managed to steal your number, it wouldn’t matter because that number can only be used one time.

Next your phone requires that in order to use one of these payment types that you have either a fingerprint or pin on your phone. Newer phones use a fingerprint to make sure you are who you say you are and this makes them very secure. This means that if someone stole your phone they would also need your finger as well.

It would be much easier for me to glance at your credit card and take a quick picture of it, or skim it in some other way, than it would be to steal your phone, and have your finger or pin.

How To

Luckily, both Apple and Android Pay are really easy to set up. It take about a minute to do and the following links will walk you through the process in no time. It’s just as simple as taking a picture of your credit card.

Here's how to get started on Apple or Android.

Here’s are two great videos that show you just how easy these payment methods are to use for Apple and Android.

Android Pay Versus Apple Pay

Now there aren’t a ton of differences between Apple Pay and Android Pay. From a user perspective, they work pretty much the same. With Apple Pay, you can use your Apple Watch to also make payments, and with Android Pay, it works on almost any Android device that has NFC (which came out way earlier in Android phones). Both of these payment methods work for all of the major credit card companies, and as time goes on more and more places will begin accepting these NFC payments.

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