What Is Wireless Charging?

Electrical oulets? Who needs 'em!

Eric Escobar
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Android Devices

Android devices are where you primarily see wireless charging as a feature. Currently the most well-known of these devices is the Samsung Galaxy S6. What’s new about this phone is that it contains two different standards for wireless charging. There’s two different standards for wireless charging in the Android world: Qi and PMA. This phone is bridging the gap by being able to use both chargers. I’m sure the next couple of years will tell if it becomes the next VHS or Betamax (Kids, ask your parents).

There’s a lot of interesting theories that surround why Apple hasn’t yet released devices that can charge wirelessly. Some speculate that they are waiting for Qi or PMA to win and become standard, and some believe that they are developing their own within the company.

Internet of Things

The place that I see wireless power playing the biggest role though is in the coming internet of things revolution. I did a podcast on the internet of things, aka IoT, some time ago, so if you’re not familiar with the concept, go listen to that episode, What Is the “Internet of Things”?

Basically, IoT consists of many small devices that are all connected together. The main problem for them, though, is that they need all need a source of power. Let’s look at any number of devices, such as temperature sensors or a door open closed sensor. These are devices that would normally require a battery or wall power in order to operate.

If you have a device that has batteries, it has to be in a spot that’s easy to get to so that you can change them. Wireless charging can be useful here because these little devices often don’t use a lot of power, just a constant small amount. If you could bring them within range of a wireless power source, and they just started working, it would mean you could have lighter and cheaper devices.

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