3 Secret Ways Markdown Improves Productivity

Using Markdown is the way to go when trying to compose. Now take your Markdown use to the next level.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #415

For Mac users, just compose in Markdown in a rich text editor. Then select the markdown, and choose a Markdown tool from the Services menu. You can convert the Markdown to rich text, convert to HTML, renumber Markdown lists, and so on. It lets you use Markdown anywhere there’s rich text.

Grandma Cuddles used Markdown Tools directly in Notepad to compose a super pretty, totally itemized, very extensive list of clothes to purchase for the tykes: sunscreen, work gloves, old boots… and a footnote that the decorative cast iron ankle bracelets would be provided! Apparently Cuddles prefers the kind that get welded on, so the kiddies don’t remove them during play break.

Use Markdown Here for Gmail

For anyone who uses Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Thunderbird, or Postbox, there’s a plugin that lets you use Markdown in Gmail. It’s called Markdown Here, and you can download it from Markdown-here.com. Make your styling beautiful and consistent with Markdown Here.

Having learned from her experience with her email editor, Grandma cuddles installed the Markdown tools services on her Mac, and began composing the blog post. She worked with Markdown right off the bat. By the time she got to the step of previewing the post, her work looked great! She added the finishing touch—a picture from the previous year’s community service outing, with 40 little tots marching in an orderly line down the highway median. What fun it is to work and learn! 230 days with no injuries!

Markdown helps you compose formatted text using Markdown. Use Markdown to have fine-grained control over the HTML generated by imperfect web message editors. Use Markdown to enter rich text into an editor that doesn’t support HTML directly. Use Markdown Tools to get Markdown anywhere on your computer, and use Markdown-Here on any platform to use Markdown with Gmail. 

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