How to Troubleshoot Internet Connections from Near and Far

Tech Talker shares tips for helping your friends and family when the Internet stops working.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #214

Write Out Instructions with Pictures

Now if you have a little bit more time. I recommend taking pictures when you are at their house and printing them with instructions. I have a family member whose router goes out frequently due to spotty service in their area. In this case, I recommend printing out pictures with instructions on how to fix the problem. This is in liu of them watching a video you recorded—in case they don’t have a device that will support watching a video, or if they just more comfortable flipping through paper.

I find the paper and picture method to work better than video for my grandparents and the video method to work best for my parents.

Another pro tip is to label everything.

Label Each Cord and Device

Another pro tip is to label everything. Yes I mean get some post it notes, or an actual labeler, and label everything. This is because whoever you’re helping may not know what the heck you’re talking about when you refer to the “USB Port,” “Router,” or “Blinky thing that gives my phone Facebook.” The more you label, the easier your life will be!

This way even if you’re Skyping, FaceTiming, or just talking on the phone, you can say, "Mom, just unplug the Power Cord from the Router and wait 30 seconds." If Power Cord and Router are labeled, you’ve removed anxiety, and they are (hopefully) doing the wrong thing.

Do you have any programs that you like to use to remotely help out friends and family when you can’t be there? If so I’d love to hear about it, give me a shout out on my Facebook page!

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