How to Watch Infinite TV (Without Paying for Cable)

These days, you don't have to pay an extravagant cable bill in order to watch the best television shows. Find out how.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #238

Typically live sports are something that networks have all of the rights to and they do not stream them online unless you have purchased their cable subscription.

That is starting to change though. Since this last summer Olympics 2016, streaming live sporting events to the internet has begun to pick up in popularity. I’ve also recently found that if you are a huge sports fan, Sling.com offers a ton of live streaming options for around $20 a month. There are also a ton of other channels and features that Sling.com offers that would make it easy to access shows that you may miss. Additionally, in a weird twist, Twitter has begun live streaming NFL games, so I suspect we will see more development in access to live sports online.

Streaming live sporting events to the internet has begun to pick up in popularity

Can You Watch the News?

If you’re worried about not having access to news programming when you cancel your cable TV, I've found that news programming is easily replaced by news apps available for your phone or tablet from whichever source you normally watch (ex: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the Onion). A combination of local news apps, Twitter, and periscope give me more current news than the local television shows.

No, You Won't Get Everything

Cutting the cord to cable TV means that if you’re a casual watcher, there will be things you just won’t get. Live TV shows may be hard to come by and there are series and networks that will slip through the cracks. Networks such as FOX and AMC will post episodes a week after they aired, but that’s not guaranteed. I forsee a day about five years from now when all video content is internet-based and cable is a thing of the past. I believe the networks will still be around to create the content but that the way we consume it will be totally different. It seems that this is the direction that the internet is pushing content producers.

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