Make Your Own Registry for Gift-Giving

Why choose gifts for loved ones? Use TADALIST.COM to make web-based registries and simplify holiday shopping for friends and family.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #7

Today’s article is about managing holiday shopping when you have lots of relatives and no idea what to get them.

The quick and dirty tip is to use a Web-based To Do list like TaDaList.com to manage and share your holiday lists with loved ones. Or at least with people you feel obligated to buy stuff for.

How to Figure Out What to Get Everyone on Your List

Once upon a time, holidays were simple. We had two parents, three adult children, and one significant other. We all knew each other and bought each other gifts we thought would be nice. Life was good.

Then in the space of a year and a half, BANG! Two more significant others, three kids, and new relatives barging in left and right. Suddenly, it was impossible to know who wanted what. I thought Bernice wanted the expensive moisturizer and Jonathan wanted the power tools. Oops. It was the other way around. Now Jon’s freaking out about his complexion, and Bernice is freaking out because she needs a power drill to finish the nursery.

Then another cousin got married. The bride and groom told us to check out the “registry” for gift ideas. Do you know about these things? They're great. You put together a list of stuff you want and people buy it for you! Hello, I want one! But why wait for weddings? If everyone had a registry, all the time, think how much easier it would make gift giving.

Create a Gift Registry

Hmm... If only…


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