Managing Social Networks

How can you manage more than one social networking account?

Stever Robbins
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Episode #43

Use restraint. Select just one or two sites as your central sites. Some people say LinkedIn is the premiere business networking site, and Facebook is for frivolity. Other people say Facebook is the premiere business networking site, and LinkedIn is for random networking. Don't worry about it. Just choose one. I chose LinkedIn.

Have your profile on other social networking sites simply refer people to your main site. When I'm trying to keep a dozen profiles synchronized, I always think of how convenient technology makes my life. I cut a paragraph from one site, navigate to the other, find the right fill-in form area, paste... Oh, boy. Convenient, convenient, convenient. This was sure my image of the future: technology's giving me a rich life that's truly worth living. NOT! Just say, "See my LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/stever" and put all the good stuff in your LinkedIn profile.

Once you're clear on why you're social networking, decide how much time you'll devote to your social networking and make it a regular--and limited--part of your week. If you're going to become a LinkedIn expert, set aside 20 minutes twice weekly to post a question. If you're keeping up with your network to know when to call, browse the recent events feeds every other day. But only do things that get the results you want. Social networking is a prelude to actual human interaction. If you have free time, don't spend it online. Call someone you met online and get together in person. That's where you'll make your real relationships. And that advice holds for all kinds of social networking, if you get my drift.

To recap: know what you want from social networking, choose your networking site and how you use it accordingly. Limit your time, and keep a single profile.

Thanks, Get-It-Done Guy.

Advice from Small-Biz Tech Girl

I'll just add a few of my own quick and dirty tips for managing your social networks.


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