Organize Your Digital Life With Evernote

Tech Talker explains how you can stay organized with a free digital app called Evernote.

Eric Escobar
4-minute read
Episode #112

Being in IT, there are a ton of digital tools that I use on a daily basis. One that I couldn’t function without is Evernote and today I’m going to give you a quick intro into this amazing program. I’ve mentioned it a few times on the show, but I think it’s great enough that it deserves its own episode!

Please note: I have not received any compensation from Evernote. I am not a paid spokesperson for it or its developers. I just really like this product and I think it could help you organize and improve your digital life. .

What Is Evernote?

It’s kind of hard to describe Evernote to someone who has never used it before, but essentially it is an organizational master for anything digital.

Let’s say you have pictures, documents, audio clips, or even videos all jumbled up in a folder. Evernote specializes at storing and retrieving content. You can use it to organize information for just about anything.

Say you’re planning a trip to Europe. You can copy maps, pictures, text, websites, and pretty much everything in your Evernote. You can organize them into Notebooks with different notes in each notebook. You can store digital information of all types which can then be easily searched and accessed later on.

In order to illustrate this, I’m going to use my pal Jordan as an example. Jordan just bought a house. She has to keep a ton of paperwork organized to stay on top of the entire moving process. Here’s how she can use Evernote to do just that:


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