The Best Apps for Road Tripping

This week, Tech Talker takes a look at some of the best apps to use while road tripping--then next week, opens it up to the best apps to have while traveling abroad. Get ready to hit the road!

Eric Escobar
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Episode #139

Hey, everyone! This week I’ll be covering the best apps to use while road tripping. Next week I’ll be covering the best apps to have while traveling abroad.

I always love to hear of new and useful apps, so if I don’t mention some of your favorite apps, please email me and give me your suggestions--and I might do an episode on some fan favorites!.

Maps, Traffic, and Construction

If you’re going on a road trip, the first thing you’ll need is a solid mapping app. I use Google Maps as a default, because it is always updated, and has a ton of extra information (provided by Google) about businesses and other attractions in the area. It also provides turn-by-turn directions, and will modify those directions based upon traffic.

I also like to use Waze, which was purchased by Google not so long ago. Waze is a crowd-sourced mapping app. This means that people use Waze while driving, and they share information about road conditions, speed traps, and any accidents.

This app uses a lot of battery, so make sure that you have a car charger handy so you don’t burn through all of your battery. I use this app constantly when on road trips, because it lets me see traffic right away and communicate with users ahead and behind you.

Gas Buddy

The next app in my list is GasBuddy. This app is perfect for finding cheap gas along your road trip route.

If you’re driving on an interstate, there’s no shortage of places to pull off and find a place to fill up. However, these gas stations can vary a lot in price, even if they are just miles away from each other.

GasBuddy is an app that shows you a map of the cheapest gas around you. You can filter for how close it is, and also by the cheapest gas. This app is completely free, and has saved me a ton on road trips.

This app gets its data from users who update it pretty frequently.

Find My Friends

Last week, I mentioned Find My Friends as an app that helps you keep track of friends and family. This app is great for road trips, if you are trying to coordinate with multiple cars or other people as you travel. It keeps everyone in the loop, and makes it really easy to find people.

I mentioned this last week, but Find My Friends also has the ability to place time limits on how long someone can track you. This is a pretty important feature, as it means you don’t have to give up privacy after your road trip. I’ve used this app a ton at theme parks, for allowing friends to see when I’m in town, and to coordinate the best place to meet up between multiple groups.

I’m sure you’ll find a ton of uses for it, too. So go check it out!


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