Travel Stress-Free With These 6 Apps

There truly is an app for every situation—especially when it comes to travel. Stay organized, keep track of flight changes, and discover gems off the beaten path with this selection of travel apps.

Alex Miller
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It’s no wonder that travel app use has grown as much as 90 percent in some areas and that 82 percent of travelers plan to download the same or more travel apps over the next year.

Of course, with so many app-store options, it can be easy to get lost in the offerings. Here’s a guide to help you cut through the noise and find the most useful apps.

1. Splitwise

Splitwise makes it super easy to split bills with family and friends. Let’s say you go out for the day with your buddies. Instead of trying to parse out dollar amounts or writing IOUs, you can log all the expenses, from tour tickets to food and more. When you’re ready to sort out the bill, Splitwise automatically charges each person the correct amount.

Recently, I used Splitwise at a bachelor party in Toronto. Fifteen of us spent three days together, and as you can imagine, we made a ton of transactions. At the end, Splitwise sent each of us a Venmo request and paid the appropriate friends the correct amounts.

2. Google Trips

Google Trips is the travel app of all travel apps. It helps you keep track of reservations, discover things to do, pick from pre-mapped day plans, find discounts, check out food and drink options, learn how to get around, and so much more. When I recently went to Athens, this app helped me plan an itinerary from the Acropolis and Agora to the National Archaeological Museum, with lunch in between and a sweet spot for dinner, and steered me seamlessly from start to finish.

3. WhereFor

WhereFor takes your budget for hotels and flights, as well as your time frame for the trip, and lists the locales that fit your preferred spending target. It’s like throwing a smart-dart at a map — one that will land only on a travel destination you can afford! It’s perfect for those who just want to get away and who don’t want to bother with the financial research on flights and hotels.

4. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio lets you see all the possible transportation combinations to get you from Point A to Point B, which is especially great for travelers who want to try different modes of transport instead of simply flying from one place to the next.

I’ve used this app on a number of occasions to compare the prices of public transport versus ride-sharing options. For example, the last time I was in London, the app showed me it was almost as cheap to take an Uber to my brother’s house in the northern counties as to take the train. 

5. Mobile Passport

International travelers know the hassle very well: Just as you’re about to land, the flight attendants hand you a collection of complicated forms that must be completed by the time you land. Mobile Passport solves this problem, replacing the paper forms so you can skip through customs checkpoints much faster.

6. HappyCow

One of my favorite parts of traveling is to experience local food and drink. I’m often eating out every meal, and it usually comes at the expense of my otherwise healthy eating habits. Gelato twice a day in Italy for two weeks? Not the best plan.

That’s why HappyCow is so fantastic. The app was originally designed to help vegans and vegetarians find restaurants for their needs, but even carnivores can appreciate it. It lets you search by tier — vegan, vegetarian, and restaurants with veg options — ensuring that everybody can find healthful options to mitigate the gelato.

The benefits of these apps can mean the difference between a stressful, agonizing experience and a rejuvenating, fantastic trip. So get to downloading, and remove the stress from your next travel experience.

Alex Miller is the founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, an Austin-based website that offers strategies for travelers to maximize their credit card points, miles, and rewards to enhance their travel experiences. He is a native of England and has been a travel enthusiast for more than 25 years.

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