What Productivity Tools Does the Get-It-Done Guy Use?

Learn every tool Stever uses for his personal productivity.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #174

Desktop computerI've had several people write in asking what I use as my own productivity tools. At first, I didn't think there would be enough material for an entire article. Then I took notes for a day as I watched myself work.

Asking me about my productivity devices is like asking Imelda Marcos about her favorite shoes, or asking Charlie Sheen to list his most impressive character traits. There's a lot, so let's jump right in.

What Productivity Tools Does the Get-It-Done Guy Use?

Most of my tools are available or have equivalent programs on both Windows and Mac. There may also be free coupons or discount coupons for purchasing some of the programs if you visit soon!

My computer: I used to own a few Windows machines, but since 2007, I've become a purely Mac shop. I still run Windows in a virtual machine when needed, but it's almost never needed. See my episode on how to choose a computer to hear why I settled on a Mac.

My Blackberry: Though it's a cute device, it syncs poorly with the Mac and worst of all, I can't delete or file messages from it. That means I handle my email twice daily, once on the Blackberry and once on the desktop. I tried an Android and it just wasn't for me. T-Mobile has the lowest rates and the best customer service by far,  so I won't change carriers. The instant the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is complete, I'm switching to an iPhone.

Program launcher. I use many different programs, so a program launcher is a must. I have both keystroke-based launchers and graphical launchers so I can keep my hands on the keyboard or mouse and still launch my next applicaton. On Windows, MacroExpress is my tool of choice, using keystroke or mouse launching. On the Mac, Alfred is my keystroke launcher. It also launches files and websites and saves my clipboard history so I can cut or copy several things and then paste them all in a row.

Sapiens is my mouse-based launcher. It uses visual organization and artificial intelligence to learn to customize your launcher to your favorite programs.


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