Is Your Home Security System Safe?

Tech Talker explains how to secure your home surveillance system. Plus - is it possible to hack your security system via the baby monitor?

Eric Escobar
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Episode #90

How to Protect Yourself Against Hackers

First things first - you must password protect your WiFi. If you have your wireless internet open, you're leaving your electronic front door unlocked!

With so many devices being connected to WiFi these days, a hacker on your network could mess with anything connected to it, whether it be your network, computers, TVs, phones, or tablets. Anything attached to an unsecured connection could be a target. I've already done an episode on what type of WiFi security is best and how to set it up. Check it out now!

To summarise it quickly, you'll want a WPA2 passphrase. This is the highest strength type of WiFi password encryption. If you were to use something like WEP, a hacker could break the code in minutes!

Next, you'll also want to change your router's default password. This password is different than your WiFi password and it lets you into the settings of your router. Generally, most routers come with a default username and password such as admin/password, admin/1234 or admin/admin. Changing this password will greatly increase your security and only takes minutes to do. I would ordinarily explain how to do this, but unfortunately there are a ton of different routers on the market. The easiest thing to do would be to consult your manual, or the wisdom of Google, by simply typing "Change default password on [insert your router here]" and I'm sure you'll find what your looking for.

I've tried out a few security cameras for my home and this is the one I've picked. With that, here are your 3 Quick and Dirty Tips for securing your cameras, devices, and wireless electronics!

  1. Be sure to create a strong wireless password that uses WPA2.
  2. Change your router's default password.
  3. If you want to be ultra secure, keep your security camera disconnected from your router.

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