The Fascinating History of Tetris

Are you a tetris fanatic? Hear more about the history of Tetris in this interview with author and graphic novelist Box Brown.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #241

Box Brown is an Ignatz Award winning graphic novelist and cartoonist. This week, Tech Talker interviews Brown on his upcoming release of the book Tetris: The Games People Play

This tale chronicles the video game industry and the start of mobile gaming that everyone now uses on their smartphones. In fact, I bet some of you have tetris on your phone right now! The book is full of tidbits and information that even the most avid gamers would have never known. Readers will love the graphic novel format, and it's a defnite page turner.

Listen to the interview in the top right hand player or on iTunes and Stitcher for more on:

  • The history and importance of Tetris in today's gaming industry
  • Some of the coolest facts in the book
  • Surprising findings while researching the book
  • Tips and hidden secrets in the game of Tetris

The book is packed with rich art and tells the story of Tetris like you've never seen it.

You can pick up a copy now on Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, or Booksamillion.

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