What Is Hacker Group ‘Anonymous'?

Who exactly is 'Anonymous' and what are their intentions?

Eric Escobar
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Episode #199

What Are the Most Well-Known Anonymous Attacks?

Anonymous has carried out countless attacks yet most have not made mainstream media. There are, however, some that have made front page news. In 2011, the group crippled the PlayStation network. They’ve also hacked in to multiple politician email accounts (most notably Sarah Palin in 2008).

Anonymous has also released large amounts of information about governments and organizations it opposes. For example, in October 2015, they released information about KKK members on the Internet, in addition to information stolen from the church of scientology, including an internal recruitment video featuring Tom Cruise.

Sometimes the attacks are not at all politically motivated and are done for laughs also known as “lulz,” aka “lol.” Often these attacks are very immature, and involve a lot of Internet memes, defacement of websites, and other similar activities.

Current State of the Attack

Just a few days after Anonymous declared war on ISIS, there have been over 5,500 Twitter accounts taken down. I expect as time goes on, Anonymous will also begin to uncover internal documents, locations, associations, and a wealth of other information about ISIS. Anonymous is also soliciting help from normal internet users to take down ISIS by utilizing some simple instructions. This will help gather information for Anonymous. To be fair, in this circumstance Anonymous may seem like the hero. However, the group’s actions in many other attacks can be taken by many to be terrorist acts in their own right.

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