What Is Pokémon Go?

The Pokémon Go craze is sweeping the world. What do you need to know?

Eric Escobar
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It’s pretty crazy technology, and Pokémon Go takes advantage of this tech heavily. When you start off in the game catching Pokémon, you are viewing the world through your smartphone camera, and Pokémon are added into that image. The end effect is that when you look at the display of your smartphone, you can actually see Pokémon around you in the real world.

The downside to this is that many people are heavily focused directly on their smartphone screen, which often means that they are not paying attention to their surroundings. This has led to plenty of gamers bumping into things, falling off cliffs, and getting into trouble that could have been easily avoided.

Response to the Game

As I mentioned earlier, when I began playing Pokémon Go I was on my way out of the country. I noticed that the game froze a lot and I assumed there were just glitches in the system. Given that I was on vacation, I was not up to date on the latest tech news, and a Google search later, I realized that this game was not just being played by nostalgic Pokémon masters, but also the entire world.

There were so many people playing the game that the game servers were completely overwhelmed.

There were so many people playing the game that the game servers were completely overwhelmed—so much that for the first week the game was released, it would frequently be down for hours at a time. Even now, it appears that there are a few glitches due to usage, but at least the big hang ups are over.

With the surge in popularity there has also been a surge in Nintendo’s stock price of over 50% since the game released. The game is not only disrupting stock prices but also real life locations. At one point, a rare Pokémon was released in central park and a ton of gamers swarmed the park in search of a Pokémon!

What are some tips for playing? Read my blog post for some helpful hints.

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