What to Expect in Tech in 2016

Last year I wrote a podcast about my technology predictions for 2015. Let's see how close they were and what's new for 2016.

Eric Escobar
Episode #202

Let’s look at the five things I predicted for 2015 technology. If you read back you can see them all here. The first prediction that I had was the 3D printing would take off in the year 2015 and, boy, did it ever—so much so that many 3D printers that were once thousands of dollars are now just hundreds of dollars. The sheer number of companies that are creating 3D printers is driving down the price. There are many different types of printers now, including an awesome liquid 3D printer, and a 3D printer that can print a house.

My next prediction is that the Internet of things (IoT) would take off. Surprisingly, there wasn’t as much growth in this area as I had expected. Although if you take a trip to your closest hardware store, there’s an entire isle dedication to IoT devices whereas before there may have only been an end cap. I’ve done a complete episode on IoT if you’re interested on learning more.

Next was my prediction of the greater adoption of Bitcoin. If you want to learn more I have two episodes dedicated to the topic which you can find here: Bitcoin—Part 1 and Part 2. While adoption didn’t grow as much as I thought it would, there were definitely some interesting developments such as Coinbase’s bitcoin credit card. This is a game changer because now you can use Bitcoin to buy anything you can with a credit card.

The next two predictions were almost too easy because of the direction technology is headed. The first was that there would be more TV and Movies streaming, and this is true. Netflix’s original series have sky rocketed in popularity and cable TV subscriptions are at an all-time low!

Lastly, and this is probably the saddest prediction of all, and it was that there would be more widespread cyber-attacks. At this point, there are so many companies getting hacked that almost once a week there are huge leaks of data brought about publicly. The worst part is that these are the companies that are doing the right thing by informing their customers that there was a data breach. Let alone the companies that try and sweep it under the rug, or the companies that have no idea that they have been hacked in the first place.


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