9 Awesome Google Chrome Shortcuts to Save You Time

What are the best Google Chrome shortcuts to save time?

Eric Escobar,
May 12, 2016
Episode #220

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Open Closed Tabs

Control or Command + Shift + T

Now if you’re like me and you hastily kill your open tabs with control + “w.” This shortcut can easily bring them back. By pressing control, shift, and “t” you can restore a tab that you just closed.

Obviously this is useful when you accidentally close a tab, but it’s really convenient compared to the alternative way of reopening that deleted tab by hunting for it through your history. Plus this one really makes you look like a wizard.

Open a new tab

Control or Command T

Say you just want to open a new tab control and the “t” key will open up a brand new tab. It’s really simple and straight forward, but anything that keeps your fingers on the keyboard and away from the mouse will boost your efficiency and eliminate hunting and pecking with the mouse.

Start a new search

Control or Control + K

I just recently discovered this one and it’s pretty useful. You can simply press control and “k” in order to start a new search on whatever your default search engine is which for most of you using chrome will probably be Google. It’s really easy to use and when paired with the command from above (control + t) you can open a new tab and start a new search licitly split!

Go Back a Page


This may sound like a “duh” shortcut but nonetheless when cruising the internet just pressing the backspace key will take you back a page. It’s pretty self-explanatory but you’d be surprised how many people don’t use it!

Switching Tabs

Control + Tab, Control + Shift + Tab

This is one of my all-time favorite shortcuts. It lets you flip back and forth between open tabs in no time at all. Pressing control tab, will take you from left to right from your list of tabs and pressing control, shift, tab will take you from right to left!

Now these shortcuts may seem straight forward to some of you, or maybe you’ve never heard them at all. In either case, next time you see someone who really knows there way around a computer behind the keyboard, just watch how many shortcuts they use. It’s typically a lot, and although any one shortcut may not save a lot of time, all of them stacked together save a considerable amount of time.

To find more shortcuts check out the following link. You may find some that I didn’t cover that really help you. If you do I’d love to hear about them!

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