Five Smart Ways to Tweet for Business

Here are some ways to get the most out of Twitter for your business.

Aliza Sherman
4-minute read
Episode #63


I'm a firm believer that Twitter is good for business, but you have to have a strategy behind your tweeting to get the most professional benefit from Twitter.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter is all the rage right now, but so many people are still puzzled about the proper ways to tweet. And if you have business goals in mind, crafting appropriate tweets can be even more daunting. Here are five types of tweets you should know about that work well for professional and business Twitter accounts.

5 Types of Business Tweets

1. The Filter.
One great use of Twitter is to follow people who post links to interesting and relevant articles and blog posts they're reading. You can become one of those people who others follow -- sort of a human filter for people who follow you because they like your perspective. Demonstrate your expertise by sharing what you're reading. Stay focused on your industry or topics that are in some way related to your business.

Think of your job as a human filter as being a valuable resource that others rely on. When others depend on you for pointers to useful content, they pay more attention to you. They may also repost -- or "retweet" -- your tweets, which increases your reach by introducing you to their followers with their implied seal of approval.

2. The Tip.
If you are an expert in an area, show your expertise by providing a regular tip -- in 140 characters or less, of course -- that your followers can actually use. But it isn't just the tip that matters. The length of your tweet is very important if you want others to share it with their followers.

To do this, your tweets should actually be shorter than 140 characters. To figure out the ideal length of your "retweetable" tweets, calculate 140 minus the number of letters in your Twitter name minus 5. The 5 at the end represents the @ sign in front of your name and the space after your name as well as RT - for ReTweet - and a space after that.

So my retweetable tweets should be 123 characters long to accommodate someone retweeting me. There are 12 letters in my Twitter name - alizasherman - less 5 for the RT, then the @ sign, and 2 spaces or 17 characters less than the standard 140.