Five Twitter-Like Apps

Twitter is influencing the way we communicate; here are 5 apps that use the Twitter-style of communication--with a twist.

Aliza Sherman
January 28, 2010
Episode #088

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Twitter has had a tremendous influence on not only the way we communicate online, but also on the development of new applications.

Before I tell you about five applications that work like Twitter but with a twist, here's a word from our sponsor.;

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What is Twitter Known For?

There are several things that make Twitter Twitter. Here are a few qualities that Twitter is known for.

Twitter is very concise. Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters, which ensures that the information you post to and you get from Twitter is delivered in bite-size pieces

Twitter encourages community conversation. Twitter not only allows you to post content, but it also allows you to have public conversations with anyone else on Twitter, not limited to your followers.

Twitter allows for following and having followers. Every social network has its own way of naming and defining the connections you make with others on the same network. Twitter lets others follow you without you having to follow them back. You can also create a more definitive connection with another person by following them back and then communicating with them through private direct messages.

5 Twitter-Like Apps

Now why would you want to use applications that function like Twitter? The first reason is that they are usually very easy to use. Another reason is that they give you faster ways of publishing content. Also, if you like Twitter, chances are you'll like – and understand how to use – these types of sites and applications.

The next page has a few examples of Twitter-like apps: