How Keyword-Rich Content Can Improve Your SEO

In the last decade, SEO has changed dramatically. The Digital Marketer explains the importance of quality content when it comes to improving your SEO.

Diane S. Thieke

To make it easier for the search engines, you might include the keywords “bicycling” and “racing” at least twice in the headline and lead paragraph. The logic is that a Web page that repeats the keyword two or three times is likely to be more relevant to people searching on those keywords. But don’t go overboard, search engines can recognize spam when they see it.

Here are some other simple SEO tips related to keywords:

  • Know your keywords. To create good SEO, you need to understand how people search to find your website. One way to do this is to think like someone who is searching for information about your topic area. Nuance is important. To find tips for bicycle racing, will the searcher be more likely to search “bicycle racing” or “racing bicycles?” Google Insights for Search can help you understand the popularity of one term vs. another.
  • Use the keyword field. If you’re using a content management system, like WordPress, be sure to take advantage of the keyword field. Add the keywords you’ve identified to this area of your post.
  • Keep content fresh. Search engines give you more points the more frequently you update your website. So update your home page or your blog at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Use keywords in social media and be sure to link back to the content.  The more other sites link to your website, the more credible about a topic the search engines think it is. Thus, your website moves up in the rankings. Make sure you tweet, post on Facebook, and distribute links to new content on your site regularly.


Diane S. Thieke is the president and founder of Simply Talk Media, a digital media marketing consultancy. With more than 25 years in digital media and technology, she helps clients build stronger relationships with their customers and communities, using both social and traditional channels. Follow her on Twitter at @thiekeds or visit her blog at www.simplytalkmedia.com/blog


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Diane S. Thieke
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