How to Start a Podcast

This week, Tech Talker walks you through starting your very own podcast, from finding the pefect topic to releasing it out into the world.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #142

This week, I’m going to show you how to start your very own podcast. I'm sure I don’t need me to explain exactly what a podcast is, but on the off chance you need a refresher, a podcast is basically a digital on-demand radio show that you can listen to anywhere that you have an internet connection.>

I absolutely love podcasts, for a number of reasons: you can download them and listen to them on any device capable of playing music; you have thousands of unique and interesting shows to pick from; you can download multiple episodes at a time; and, if you have the right player, you can even speed them up to pack-in more podcasts in than there is time to listen to!

And I especially love them because anyone with an idea and an internet connection can get started for an extremely low setup cost.

I loved podcasts so much that I decided to join the QDT team almost three years ago...and 141 episodes later, here we are!

With that, let’s dive in, so you can get started on your own podcast.


First, let’s get the basics down, and figure out how you want your series of podcasts to unfold. If you want to have a random wacky show about all the stuff you do, split each wacky thing into one episode, so that it’s easier for the listener to digest. If you have a specific overall topic or theme you’d like to cover for your podcast, be sure to come up with a bunch of different ideas, and create an outline.

Now, while you can create just a single episode as your entire podcast, I generally find that most listeners like to have a regular show at a given interval; whether this is once a week or once a month, it’s important to be consistent. In fact, I would recommend recording at least 5 complete podcasts in advance, and releasing them on a regular schedule. This will give your listeners a set routine, and will give you time to deal with any hiccups that might come up.

It’s also extremely important that you love whatever it is you are podcasting about. Enthusiasm is infectious, and your listeners will definitely pick up on it if you don’t love whatever it is your subject is.

You can come up with your content on the fly, but I always find it much easier to script out what I’m going to say ahead of time. Then if I want to deviate, I can at any point, but having a script keeps me on track. Just be sure to write your script how you actually talk, and be sure to add lots of inflection in your voice so that you can avoid being monotone!


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