The Most Useful YouTube Shortcuts

Tech Talker shows you some YouTube shortcuts and tricks to make your life easier.

Eric Escobar
Episode #212

Useful Tricks

If you have to send someone a long YouTube video, it’s always a bummer to type something like “It gets good at 7 minutes in!” No one wants to watch a boring 7 minutes until they get to the funny cat. That’s why one of my favorite things about YouTube is the ability to share a video at a moment in time.

If you right click on a YouTube video, there will be the option for “Copy video URL at current time.” That means you go to the funny part of the video. Copy the URL for that time, send it, text it, email it, and when the person you sent it to clicks it, it will start playing 7 minutes in, skipping all the boring stuff. It’s really useful and will make you look like a YouTube wizard.

Another useful YouTube trick is “Stats for Nerds.” If you right click on a video, you’ll see stats for nerds as an option. If you click it, you’ll get interesting information, such as video dimensions, dropped frames, and connection speed. This information is helpful for troubleshooting why a video won’t play. A small connection speed means videos will take a long time to buffer, and dropped frames means your computer is working really hard to show you the video.

Easter Eggs

Next up are the fun Easter eggs of YouTube. If you’re not familiar with what an Easter egg is, it’s basically a secret funny feature a programmer has put into a video game, website, or other program. Google is famous for some of its Easter eggs that I’ll go over another day. YouTube also has two funny ones that are worth a mention.

The first is that when your video is buffering (when it’s still loading), you can press the up arrow and a game of old school snake will start playing!

The next one is YouTube awesome mode. If you are watching a video on YouTube and just type the word ‘awesome’ anywhere on the page the timeline will start flashing rainbow colors while it plays. To get it to stop just type ‘notawesome.’ The Easter eggs aren’t at all useful, but they're pretty amusing.

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