What Is IFTTT and How Can it Improve Your Digital Life?

Tech Talker gives you an introduction to IFTTT (if this then that), a web service that automates a lot of your web functions to make life easier.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #83

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I am bringing this up simply to remind everyone of security. Before allowing an app be sure to see exactly what you’re giving IFTTT control over, and if you’re comfortable with it. Some people may be fine allowing IFTTT into their email, and others may only feel comfortable enough with IFTTT to allow it to manage their Craigslist searches.

Just think about what you’re giving up access to for the convenience! Just to be clear IFTTT is a great service and has had no reputation for misusing its access.

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With that, here are your Quick and Dirty Tips for using IFTTT:

  1. IFTTT automates multiple web services.
  2. IFTTT uses one app as a trigger and another app to perform an action.
  3. There is no code or programming experience necessary to begin using IFTTT.
  4. Set up the triggers once, and they work automatically.

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