What Is the Deep Web?

How secure do you feel on the web? It seems like every day there are more revelations about the government tapping your phone calls, reading your email, and watching what you do online. In this week's episode, Tech Talker will be talking about the dark side of the web that Google won't show you.

Eric Escobar
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Why Is Deep Web Still Around?

You might be wondering, "Okay, nothing about this sounds good. So why the heck is it still around?"

Well for one, the websites and traffic is anonymized over the internet. Traffic hops from server to server, which obscures the original source. I explained how this works on my episode on keeping your traffic private using TOR. This makes it extremely difficult to take anything down, because it’s next to impossible to find where the website is being hosted.

More and more individuals are looking to the Darknet to make their internet communication anonymous and often it’s for completely legitimate reasons. Defectors of many regimes and political activists often communicate over this network when their internet activity is monitored in their county such as in the Middle East and China.

Even American citizens are starting to utilize the technology given the recent NSA snooping revelations.

The amount of users is also growing because of how easy it is to access software that allows you onto these back alley networks. For example, the TOR browser I mentioned earlier comes preconfigured to access much of this dark content.

The takedown of the Silk Road is the most recent in a string of other Darknet takedowns that have happened since this last August thanks to the FBI. There have been many attempts to track and shut down most of the Darknet, but as with most things it’s a game of cat and mouse between the authorities and the individuals running the network.

It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for the Darknet!

With that here are you 3 Quick and Dirty Tips for the internet sites Google doesn't want you to see:

  1. The Deep Web makes up almost 90% of the internet and is comprised of information that search engines can’t make sense of.
  2. The Darknet is a smaller portion of the deep web that individuals can anonymously browse using specialized software.
  3. Interest has been growing in this mysterious world given the recent FBI takedown of the Silk Road and the increased awareness of government snooping.

Well that’s all for today!

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