Youtube Vs Facebook: Which Platform is Best for Business Marketing

ReviewsXP dives deep into an analysis of Youtube and Facebook marketing. 

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Marketing is nothing new, but since the advent of the Internet and the social media sites, marketing has achieved even greater heights and is no longer bound by the geographical restrictions. 

Now there are many sites through which you can market your brand like Instagram, Twitter, and even Spotify. Based on the average monthly users, just two social media sites—Facebook and Youtube—could give you the chance to gain the highest possible reach. 

But which one is best for business marketing? We'll compare both of these behemoths side by side and understand what they offer and what they offer better than its opponent and also which is best suited for you. 

Facebook marketing

According to the stats from the second quarter of 2020, there are over 2.6 billion users on Facebook every month. That means you can potentially advertise your brand to billions. But that's not the only reason why Facebook is perfect for marketing; it also has a plethora of impressive features that can nudge you and your products into the limelight. 

Gaining fame on Facebook is moderately easier than on YouTube—you can advertise with not only videos but also photos and text. Facebook offers a lot of impressive features that'll help you gain Facebook likes and promote your brand.

Facebook personal profile 

Through the personal profile, you can connect with your friends, family, or even customers by sharing behind the scenes of your business for more Facebook likes and engagement from your customers. 

A personal profile will help in supporting your other business pages, too. Plus, you can target friends of friends in order to multiply the engagement. 

Facebook business page

This is the place where you'll broadcast all about your business. Facebook business pages will allow you to increase brand awareness, generate sales, and steer traffic to your website. 

Having a business page will let you access multiple marketing tools like page insight, ads manager, and much more. 

Facebook groups

Another great feature that can generate sales for your business is Facebook groups. You can create groups for selling or for knowing your audience. 

You can provide value to your customers, promote or discuss some events, or build your community. 

Facebook events

Facebook gives you a page where you can create or share upcoming events, whether it's a new product launch, webinars, or conferences. 

You can invite unlimited people to join your event and share updates about it. 

Facebook stories 

Another great way to interact and keep your customers entertained is through Facebook stories. They possess a kind of urgency (as they disappear after 24 hours), which can help you catch your customer’s attention. 

There are more chances that your customers will be loyal to your brand if you're transparent and connected to them, which can be done with the Facebook stories feature. 

Plus, you'll have four different options for stories: personal profile stories, business page stories, messenger stories, and group stories. You can choose according to the audiences you want to target.  

Facebook Messenger

It's really important to have a medium to communicate with your customers. You can build a relationship or provide customer services with the help of this feature, which will help you build your brand. 

Plus, you can even make phone calls through Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Live

Facebook Live—with its real-time commenting and live reactions—is another great way to interact with your audience. You can do Q&A sessions, give updates about your product, do an unboxing, and much more. 

You can use this feature to increase the authenticity of your product by bringing on satisfied customers and letting them do the talking. 

Facebook Shop

With this awesome feature, you can directly sell your products on Facebook. You won't even need a website for this (even though the website gives a lot more confidence to your customers). 

You can set up a shop on Facebook for free and start getting sales right from there. 

Facebook advertisement

Facebook ads are a really popular tool, which many businesses are using to increase their reach and growth. 

Facebook has a wide variety of options—you can have video ads, target people who are already familiar with your brand, target specific audiences according to their interests or based on demographic segmentation, and much more. With Facebook ads, you can easily target a specific audience that you can, later on, turn into your potential customers.

Facebook watch party

This feature is a bit similar to Facebook Live, you can invite people to watch a video. 

If you want some exposure to your past video where you introduce your new product or shared updates, you can throw a watch party to make your customers know about it and double the engagement. 

Facebook Insights

You'll need to analyze your customers to grow, with Facebook Insights you'll get a huge amount of data. You can see how many people clicked on your post, when your audience came online, how many people you reached, and much more. 

Note that these aren't the only features Facebook offers; tons of other features can help you catapult your brand. (Of course, it depends on where you aim it.)  

YouTube Marketing

After Facebook, YouTube has the highest number of active monthly users—about two-billion people as your potential customers. YouTube doesn't have the robust set of features for businesses that Facebook does, but marketing on YouTube can be more intimidating than on Facebook. 

Growing your YouTube channel for marketing purposes can be tough because you can post only video content. And your videos have to be unique and eye-catching—no small task. But if you're a smart and creative marketer, you can create enticing videos and optimize for SEO to gain a loyal following of YouTube subscribers and grow your brand. 

Facebook vs YouTube marketing comparison

Comparing Facebook and YouTube based on just features is impossible—they are completely different entities. 

If you're creative, you can make great videos on YouTube. Low on funds? Then you should definitely try YouTube as you can get paid for every "like," "view," and new subscriber you get.

But if you want to share detailed articles or events, Facebook is a better platform for that.

The scope of earning is definitely higher on YouTube if you're selling services in the education field. But if you're selling physical products, then you should opt for Facebook for your marketing purposes. 

There's no clear winner between Facebook and YouTube for business marketing purposes—it depends on your business and what you want to accomplish. If video streaming is your thing, then YouTube wins because its platform was literally made for the purpose. If you're selling products, Facebook has a clear advantage. Or use both to maximize your impact!