What's New with the BlackBerry Z10?

Tech Talker reviews the brand new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Is this device a competitor to the iPhone, or BlackBerry's last hurrah? Find out. 

Eric Escobar
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As many of you are aware, BlackBerry is releasing their brand new smartphone, the Z10, to the market sometime this week. Once the leader of the mobile market, BlackBerry has since fallen far behind its competitors (Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android smartphones). This latest release from BlackBerry is the product of over two years’ worth of work and innovation, and it will determine whether or not the company can make a comeback or if this is simply its one last hurrah. 

Thankfully, Tech Talker got his hands on the Z10 before its wide U.S. release. I’ve had a chance to play with the device for a bit and I have to admit, I’m very impressed with what the BlackBerry Z10 is bringing to the table. 


The Z10 v. the Q10

First, I should mention that the new line of BlackBerrys is actually two different devices, the Z10 and the Q10. The Z10 is a sleek touch interface similar to the iPhone. However, many BlackBerry users love their keyboard, and that’s what the Q10 offers. It has the same specifications as the Z10, except that it has a physical keyboard. 

Personally, I feel as if this was quite a bit of effort to keep their users satisfied. However, it seems this way the company can appeal to touchscreen and keyboard users alike.

Features of the Z10 and Q10

So with that, let’s get into some of the specs of the device. It has an 8MP back camera which can record in 1080p at 30 frames per second (right on par with the latest iPhone). It also has a 2MP front facing camera capable or recording in 720p, which is also impressive. It has 16GB of internal memory with an expansion slot which has the ability to add 64GB of extra storage space. What I love about this is that this storage is removable –meaning you can plug in the card to your computer and transfer information easily. 

The phone also comes with the highest standards of communication hardware, such as 4G, LTE, and Dual band N wireless capabilities, all of which makes surfing the web and connecting to other sources of media ultra-fast!


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