The Winning Investor's Guide to Making Money in Any Market

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About the Book

Over the past few decades, certified financial planner Andrew Horowitz has helped countless clients make loads of money in the market; now he’s written a basic investing guidebook to share his expertise with the rest of us. Want to know the difference between ETFs and mutual funds? He tells you. Want to know how you can possibly select the best investments when you have so many choices? He explains that too.

Whether you’re just getting started or you want to manage your money more closely, you can invest smarter and Andrew will tell you how. You’ll learn:

  • Which investments you should hold to have a truly diversified portfolio
  • Ways to choose the best stocks and know when to buy and when to sell
  • How to make sense of the current economic climate and invest accordingly
  • The best ways to minimize risk and protect your investments

Andrew’s blend of expertise and spot-on advice has landed him in numerous national newspapers and on shows like CNBC and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Discover what millions of Winning Investor podcast fans already know: Andrew’s straight-shooting style, real-life examples, and quick and dirty tips take the mystery out of the market, put you on the surefire path to investing success, and make the life and future you’ve been dreaming of yours for the taking.

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The Winning Investor's Guide to Making Money in Any Market is available in trade paperback and in an eBook edition. You can order a copy of the paperback from these online retailers:

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