Critical Public Speaking Tool: Deep Breathing

Don't underestimate the power of this very simple and critical speaking skill. The Public Speaker explains why.

Lisa B. Marshall,
May 21, 2012

Critical Public Speaking Tool: Deep Breathing

The word "inspire" literally means to draw in air—or breathe. So, for me, deep breathing is a critical speaking skill that should be included in everyone's tool belt. Healthy deep breathing helps you to generate excitement in yourself and others, and, as leaders, our energy is subtly monitored and mirrored by those around us.

Take the time to focus on your breathing.

Deep breathing helps relieve nervous energy, it helps develop a strong voice and it helps to strengthen personal intensity. It is important for our energy, our focus, and our concentration. Deep breathing also improves your ability to be effective whenever you are facing a particularly stressful situation, from delivering presentations, to delivering bad news, or even when you need to ask for something important, like a raise or your spouse to turn off the game.

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