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Betterment. Betterment.com helps you build a customized, low-cost portfolio that suits your goals. Sign up now to get up to 6 months free. 


Bombas. Bombas are athletic-leisure socks, re-engineered to look better, feel better, and perform better. Get a free pair with your order or 20% off at bombas.com/getfit or bombas.com/diva.

BrainHQ helps you think faster, focus better, and remember more – for whatever is important to you. Start training your brain today. Get 10% off your monthly or annual subscription at brainhq.com/getfit


Bulu Box is the best way to discover the vitamins, supplements and nutrition products that are right for YOU and your body. Get your first box absolutely FREE with promo code MONEY. Just go to BuluBox.com, click on the microphone in the top left corner and enter promo code MONEY.



CreditSignal from Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. The first and only product that provides companies with FREE access to changes in their D&B® credit scores and ratings. Sign up here.


DailyBurn. Access online workout videos featuring a variety of programs, from tabata to interval training to yoga. Get the first 30 days free when you go to dailyburn.com/getfitguy or dailyburn.com/diva


eMeals. Get healthy meal plans with shopping lists, recipes, and more. Sign up here.


Fracture. Fracture prints photos directly onto glass, so that the colors pop like you won't believe. Each Fracture is hand-assembled and checked for quality. Get 15% off with the code DOMESTIC. Just go to fracture.me to check it out.


Visit GoDaddy.com to get your $2.95 .COM domain. Some limitations apply, see website for details.


Harry's offers high-quality razors that are better for your face and your wallet. Get $5 off your first purchase by entering one of the following codes at checkout: CEO, GETFIT, GETITDONE, MANNERS, MONEYGIRL, DIVA, or LISA.


Igloo. Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like, whether you're a large enterprise or a fast-growing business overwhelmed by apps. Sign up now and try it for free at igloosoftware.com/getitdone or igloosoftware.com/gg

Little Passports. Bring a travel adventure home each month with Little Passports, the award-winnig subscription for kids. Save 40% on any subscription plan with promo code CEO40 or DIVA40. Visit littlepassports.com/ceo or littlepassports.com/diva for more information.  


lynda.com. Learn software, creative, and business skills from in-depth and easy-to-follow video courses taught by industry experts. To try lynda.com free for seven days, visit lynda.com/qdt.



NatureBox. Discover smarter snacking with a new NatureBox each month. Get a FREE sampler box  when you go to NatureBox.com/qdt.


Pluralsight is home to the largest tech and creative training library on the planet. Start a free trial at pluralsight.com today. 


Prize Candle offers premium soy candles with rings hidden inside of each one! With rings valued from $10 to $5,000, there’s an entirely new reason to LOVE candles.  Visit PrizeCandle.com to learn more, and use promo code MOMMY or DIVA to get free shipping and handling.


Prosper is Silicon Valley’s answer to personal loans.  With Prosper’s innovative peer to peer lending process- there are no outrageous fees, no raising interest rates, and you’ll never set foot in a bank. Just go to Prosper.com/moneygirl. Check your rate instantly – and it won’t affect your credit score.


Stamps.com. Stamps.com is a better way to get postage. Use promo code GETITDONE for a no-risk trial. Click on the microphone at the top of the Stamps.com homepage and type in GETITDONE. 


Total Gym. Total Gym is a trusted leader and innovator in home fitness machines for over 35 years. Check out Total Gym now and enjoy a 30-day in-home trial + an extra 10% off: Get-Fit Guy's link and Nutrition Diva's link

Varidesk. Interested in burning extra calories throughout the day without breaking a sweat? It's as easy as standing up while you work. Learn more at Varidesk.com


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